Welcome to HART - Based in Pokhara, Nepal!

The Himalayan Animal Rescue Team is known fondly as ‘HART’ and is a registered charity and for its first three years was based just a few kilometres outside Pokhara on the Sidahartha Highway. In 2012 it moved a little nearer, just off the same highway, but on the way up to the World Peace Pagoda. 

HART operates an Animal Birth Control programme in an endeavour to keep down the population of stray dogs, which would otherwise suffer an agonising death by periodic strychnine poisoning. Rabies vaccination programmes are also regularly carried out and help is given, whenever possible, to any domestic animals in distress. 

 Nepal is a wonderful country and in general people like animals, but few have the finances or facility to care for them as they would wish. Many dogs belong only to the streets where they mate and give birth in appalling conditions. The life expectancy of a street dog is only 2 to 3 years.   



Phone: +977 61 691847

Email: hartnepal@email.com 

Charity Registration Number 2160 Kaski

Social Welfare Council Number 27059

Those who are involved with HART as employees or volunteers are utterly devoted to Nepal’s animals and their welfare. Its active Founder is Juliette Cunliffe, a prolific and well-respected canine author and International dog show judge who has made Nepal her home. Together with HART’s Chairman, Dibya Kumar Baral, Board Members, Veterinary Advisors and our dedicated staff, the Team is always ready to help animals in need.  

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